2018 Hay Management

Rate Schedule

Mower Conditioner Cutting$19.00/acre
Round Baling$12.00/bale
All-In Bundle (minimum 100 committed acres)$44.00/acre up to 2.5 bales per acre yield$49.00/acre beyond 2.5 bales per acre yield

Hay Cutting

Your hay quality is key, whether feeding it or offering for sale. With John Deere Discbine technology, SK Custom Forage Services can make short work of any hay field. The impeller style crimper delivers excellent curing results in shorter timeframes. We deliver a 15.5 foot wide cut with the swath width adjusted to the crop thickness and drying conditions.

Hay Raking

Your crop will be off the ground and optimal drying will be achieved to ensure top hay quality for storage and feeding. Wheel raking is conducted at just the right time to minimize leaf loss.

round Hay Baling

Bales can be produced from 60 to 70 inches in diameter and variable density levels- you decide. Your bales will stack and transport well because we pay attention to chamber levels and ultimately the shape and uniformity of the bales.

Field Stacking of Bales

Your time is valuable. We can take the tedious task off your hands to move and stack bales, ensuring they are out of the way for subsequent cuts, or easy loading for transport.

Custom doesn’t just mean outsourcing the work, it means working with you to create the right bundle of services to meet your unique needs.
Packaged Services and rates are available based on volumes of acres, bale counts and seasonal commitments.

Land Breaking

Pasture and exhausted hay fields can be broken with our 16 foot offset breaking disk. With 24 inch heavy wall disks, your field will be turned in a single pass without leaving an uneccessarily rough contour.

Grass Seeding

Introduce grass for pasture or hay harvesting, or simply establish more density and coverage per acre. SK Custom Forage Services is capable of seeding/overseeding to meet your requirements.

Mole/Gopher Hill Busting

When rodents have made your hay or pasture fields unbearable, our hill buster tool will level it back to normal, saving wear and tear on your machinery and your body. Operating just above ground level, grasses will quickly recover and regrow, maximizing productivity for your operation.

Round Straw Baling

SK Custom Forage Services can bale your straw to your specifications. We also purchase straw in the swath at competitive rates with a commitment to remove bales from the field without interference to your field activities.

Bale Transportation and Hauling

Getting your bales to where you need them when you need them there. SK Custom Forage Services can move short and long distances with our combination of trucks and trailers. Our units are equipped with self UNLOADING decks to ease your workload and save time.

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